Expert SBS Roofing Installation

Save on Roofing provides expert SBS Roofing Installation in Edmonton. Our SBS roofing shingles are constructed from sustainable recycled polymer modified asphalt technology, creating an increased impact resistance and flexibility, which when paired with a especially formulated asphalt sealant holds the shingles in place in even the harshest Alberta weather. 

SBS modified roofing provides better resistance against: 

  • Surface uplift 
  • Wind-driven wind 
  • Wind blow off
  • Water infiltration 

SBS Roofing Provides long lasting beauty.

maintain your roof’s appearance and your home’s curb appeal

SBS modified roofing has resistance to severe abrasions and durability and is designed to limit long-term asphalt deterioration caused by UV light. In addition, streak resistance technology is utilized to maintain your roof’s appearance and your home’s curb appeal.

SBS modified roofing

Synthetic Rubber Gives SBS Roofing Crucial Durability

When you live in a city like Edmonton, the weather can change quite drastically, even throughout the day. Substantial fluctuations between warm and cold weather mean you need a roofing system that offers flexibility in a wide range of temperatures. Synthetic rubber gives SBS roofing crucial durability during cold winters and hot summers.

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a more sustainable roofing solution

Save on Roofing has SBS shingles available that use post-industrial recycled polymers to offer you a more sustainable roofing solution without compromising quality.

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Save on Roofing can install SBS roofing, providing a reliable and high-quality roof for you and your family.

SBS roofing comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our team uses SBS shingles backed by a limited lifetime warranty and come in various colours.

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SBS Modified Roofing Gives You Essential Roof Resiliency

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