8 Tips on Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Choosing a Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Hiring the right contractor is crucial for your successful roof repair or replacement.
Hiring the wrong contractor for roof replacement could leave you with new roof failure.

Have no fear. This blog helps you understand what a professional roofing company does so that you can tell roofing masters apart from roofing amateurs. Here is a handy guide from the experts at Save On Roofing to keep on hand:

#1: Gain social proof - get referrals from people you trust

Because every roofer will tell you that they are the best, getting referrals from your friends and family is important. A good reference gives you the opportunity to work with someone that others had a good experience with. Chances are, if they had a good experience, you will too.

If no one you know has a roofer to recommend, go online to read their online reviews for social proof of a job well done.

Still don’t have enough evidence? Like anyone interviewing for a job, ask for a reference or two from the roofing company itself as well as portfolio photos of past jobs.

#2: Check with the Better Business Bureau

In addition to social proof, checking Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings can help narrow down your choices. Steer clear of any roofing contractors that have poor BBB ratings or roofers that don’t have ratings at all. If a contractor is not listed in the BBB, it could be a sign of a roofing scam.

#3: Hire a roofer who is insured

Before you hire a roofer, make sure that they are insured with adequate liability insurance. Without proper insurance, if the roofer fails to install or repair your roof properly or if they get hurt while working on your roof, you could be held financially responsible. When you meet with a roofing contractor ask for proof of insurance, from both their insurance company and The Workers’ Compensation Board.

#4: Don’t give ANY money up front

There is a special license required in Alberta for any contractor asking for ANY money up front. This special license needs to be in their possession at the time of the request. If they do not have this license handy to show you, this is a definite sign of a scam or an unstable business. As a general rule, never give ANY money in advance. In fact, deal with a company that provides a grace period to complete your due diligence, giving you the time to perform an inspection after the work is done before payment is due.

 #5: Get it in writing

Reputable roofers will provide a written estimate that shows the material costs, labour costs, warranty information, cancellation policy and more. Cash under the table means no paper trail, and ultimately zero accountability and no recourse for you should things go badly.

#6: Shop local

While bringing in a large national chain might seem like a good thing to do, a local contractor is the best way to go. The local crew will be readily available and close at hand when you need them. There is no 1-800 number and no half hour long wait times to your phone calls. Best of all, the service will be personal and direct because these people are members of your community, and want to do well by you.

#7: Price is important, but not all important

What you’re after is good references, experience, quality workmanship, strong materials, solid paperwork and someone you can talk to who understands your vision. All these things add value, and are worth paying a bit extra for.

#8: Keep an eye out for roofers that aren’t legitimate

There are roofing contractors that will come to you after a storm, looking to do a quick, incomplete job to maximize their profits. These storm chasers and other door-to-door roofers are a red flag. Be sure to verify business details, such as GST number, and get full contact information for a physical office location. Follow all the steps above, even in a rush emergency roofing situation.

In conclusion…

Hiring a competent and trustworthy company ensures that the job gets done right. After all, your roof plays a fundamental role in keeping your home structurally sound and protecting you and your family.
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