Why You Should Reconsider Roofing in Winter Weather

When is it too cold to shingle a roof? In a perfect world, roofing would always be done on a warm day, with no chance of rain or snow. But, unfortunately, we live in Alberta, meaning winters are harsh, and warm weather doesn’t last for long. 

Anything below 4°C is considered too cold for roofing, meaning if you live in Edmonton, that roofing between December to March should be avoided whenever possible. 

This blog post will explore the many negatives of winter roofing in Alberta.

Roof Installation & Adhesive Replacement Require the Sun’s Heat for Activation

When roofing is completed during the winter months, you risk ending up with a defective roof since the adhesive required for both replacement and repair relies on the sun’s rays to work correctly. To make matters worse, you may accidentally void your warranty by trying to install a roof when temperatures drop below 4°C.

Snow & Ice 

Snow and ice maximize the risk of a slip and fall and presents a rather considerable safety risk for workers. Even when extra safety precautions are taken, ice can quickly go unnoticed and cause serious injury. Not to mention snow can make it more difficult to spot more damaged areas of the roof, and the extra weight can make the roof more likely to collapse. 

Harsh Weather May Cause Delays 

Beginning a roofing project during the winter may cause the project to take longer to complete than usual due to delays. In addition, harsh weather such as blizzards can bring roofing to an abrupt stop, causing both frustration and an additional headache for the homeowner. Not to mention the fact the snow will delay cleanup, and the cold weather can create leakage in your shingles by keeping them from sealing fully. 

What Time of Year Is Best to Replace a Roof?

The best and safest time for both the shingles and the roofers installing them is spring through fall, when the temperature is above 4°C  and there are no additional hazards such as snow or ice that could not only delay the project, but cause serious harm to both the roofer and roof.  

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